The Sky Bridge: Prestige or Real Value

Sky bridges are one of the most complex building designs, which makes it more challenging to convey the vision of adding a sky bridge with just renderings. The Cooper building and the Twitter building are just two recent examples of how complex and delicate these structures can be. The question for many developers is: are sky bridges just prestigious or do they hold real tangible value?


The Costs

A sky bridge is a significant financial investment as many elements must go into the construction and planning process. From obtaining the permits for a sky bridge to all of the materials needed to construct it, sky bridges can easily cost millions of dollars depending on the size and complexity of construction.


The Benefits of Sky Bridges

For complex designs like sky bridges, it is crucial for tenants to understand the tangible value that they hold. However, without the right tools, it can be difficult to portray to tenants what it would feel like to take a coffee break in a sky lounge, have a conversation with a colleague while looking out at the city skyline or watching the sunset while crossing the sky bridge on their way out from work.

Sky bridges also offer more concrete benefits such as pedestrians safety and convenience. Urban planners often develop sky bridges to decrease congestion, reduce exposure to air pollution from vehicles, and to separate people from vehicular noise. For businesses who have multiple office buildings, connecting buildings via a sky bridge can help save time and efforts for professionals working in the building. Sky bridges can be a huge draw for tenants as well.

Benefits include:

  • Makes efficient use of costly land by building up high-rise offices and homes
  • Transforms empty spaces into common areas that produce a sense of belonging
  • Allows landlords to provide additional amenities, services or venues for residents and tenants
  • Multi-level sky bridges enable connectivity and integration of technical systems across multiple buildings, including utilities and mechanical systems
  • Sky bridges offer fail-safe technical system redundancies and offer additional escape routes, enabling easy horizontal evacuation from one tower to the next
  • Greater connectivity between buildings and more space for human interaction


The Potential Negative Impacts of Sky Bridges

There are many debates about whether sky bridges offer true value. They can have negative impacts on street activities and reduce property values at the ground level. Some researchers have found that sky bridges can be negatively associated with promoting consumerism. The cost alone can be a deterrent for many developers because there are alternatives to sky bridges that are less costly and do not demand as much planning.


Do Sky Bridges Offer True Value?

With all of this in mind from the cost to the benefits, sky bridges ultimately hold both prestige and tangible value. We are experiencing a big shift in cities toward becoming more pedestrian-friendly and providing greater walkability, and sky bridges can help promote both.

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