One Way Developers Can Gain a Competitive Advantage on Land Parcels

Gaining a title to a land parcel can be a particularly competitive process. The key is to make yourself stand out among the developers you are competing with. Let’s take a look at the process for obtaining a title to a land parcel and ways you can set yourself apart from other developers vying for the same site.


The Process

The process for obtaining a title to a land parcel is lengthy and can take anywhere from a few weeks to a year, depending on the size of the site, the location, and the complexity of the planned project. The process for getting a land title can also be extremely costly to developers, as there are a significant amount of resources expended in the process.

Many developers, especially in the competitive development environment, are seeking to find a more streamlined and cost-effective course-of-action to help them gain a competitive edge.


The Solution

Imagine this: Submitting a walkable tour alongside your masterplan in your RFP response.

To keep the return on the investment attractive, developers can leverage a preliminary virtual model or a fraction of the master plan. With the virtual preview model, developers can turn their 2D floor plans and static renderings into an immersive and interactive preview of a future space.

With the ability to walk through the master plan, experience day-to-night transitions and even hop on a self-driving shuttle bus to take you around a complex, developers can pitch their designs in a more immersive manner than could be done with simple static renderings.

When it comes to large-scale mixed-use projects that involve many different players, a virtual master tour can help bring the vision to life for everyone, no matter what part they will play in the development.


The Bottom Line

The process for winning a bid for a land parcel is extremely tedious and requires evidence that your development ideas are better than those of other developers vying for the same land. By giving life to your ideas and by giving your clients room to design and make the property their own, the use of virtual preview tools can help your vision stand out.  


How Inreal Can Help

Inreal’s virtual preview, online configuration, and data analytics tools can help developers set themselves apart from the competition. What’s more, the time required for the visualisation aspect of the entitlement process can be drastically reduced. 

Not only will Inreal help you stand out, but you will also save time and money during this process. The entitlement process doesn’t have to drag on forever, with Inreal, you have all the resources you need to make a solid bid.

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