Inreal Technologies Continues to Grow

Significant growth of the team, consistent enhancement of the products and rapid expansion of the customer base characterized the past fiscal year at Inreal Technologies GmbH. In addition, the German PropTech company secured new investments from distinguished investors.


Karlsruhe, January 17, 2019 – ” 2018 was a very important year in our company‘s history”, said Enrico Kürtös, managing director of Inreal Technologies GmbH. “From my point of view, the sheer growth of our team is central. From 17 in December 2017 to 45 today, we more than doubled the size of our team. “New positions were mainly created for 3D artists, in software development and in the extended management level. “Together, we were not only able to achieve exiciting results for our customers, but also grow as a company and enhance new product development,” Kürtös explained. “The course has been set for expanding our business in Europe as well as for further internationalization.”

Expansion of the Inreal Portfolio

“Our newly re-designed online configurators allow end users to comfortably view and interact with a future space without even leaving their couch. They can put together their dream home or dream office space,” explains Inreal CEO Kürtös. “This allows for active engagement from potential tenants early on in the marketing process, which translates into accelarated leasing and sales, hence more revenue for our clients. With online configurators, we are also able to create customized solutions such as robust leasing and sales platforms that are built into the client’s existings building websites upon request. . “The online configurators complement the design preview and real-time configuration options that Inreal has been offering since the inception of the company 7 years ago. The newly enhanced data analytics solution also provides developers,sales and marketing executives with real-time information on customer behavior and demand during the ongoing sales process. The engineers at Inreal have placed special emphasis on providing good integrability and flexibility of the new solutions. The exchange of data is carried out via interfaces, hence eliminating the need for additional software or extensive employee training during the implementation phase.

Validation of the Chosen Path

“The fact that the chosen path is right has been shown several times in 2018. We are pleased about the positive feedback from our customers and that the business volume for residential real estate was 20 times higher than that in 2017, “says Enrico Kürtös. Another validation of the strategy was the cash infusion from several new investors over the course of the year. After financing round in February from Dr. Emilio Matthaei, the founder of Leverton, and BitStone Capital, Kingstone Capital Partners and the Sontowski & Partner Group from Erlangen joined the circle of investors in October. In December, SIGNA Innovations AG, a subsidiary of the SIGNA Group, joined the latest Series A financing round.

Outlook for 2019

“Our starting position for this year is very promising”, Enrico Kürtös said of Inreal’s outlook for 2019. “With our unique product portfolio, we strenghten our position as the go-to Digitalization partner to the real estate industry for sales and marketing initiatives. We deliver effective, efficient and result-driven marketing solutions, especially for new construction projects, long before a project breaks ground”. Together with the expanded team, this is an important building block for Kürtös to grow business from existing customers and to attract new customers for Inreal this year. “We have exciting milestones ahead of us in 2019. After opening an office in New York City last May, we look forward to opening a new location in London. In addition, we will merge our two offices in Karlsruhe at a location near the Central Station. This will give the entire team an additional positive boost as we can continue our growth together under one roof.”