It is official: Inreal Technologies has arrived in the United States. We opened up our office in New York City for ten weeks now and have started to work with the largest and best-known developers. Be it in the commerical or residential area – our technology is well received. This propels us to set our next goal: Starting from our new headquarters for the US market in New York City, we intend to open further locations within the USA in the next few months.

Our New York office is located directly on the famous 5th Avenue, just a few steps from the beautiful Bryant Park. It is not only a great location in itself but also the ideal starting point to meet our customers and  spotential new business partners. Thanks to the central location, we can bring presentaitons to our clients within a few minutes. This closeness to our customers is crucial for us, because in-person meetings give us the opportunity to best address questions our clients may have. Our principle is to help our clients save money, make money and generate efficiency. 

NY Office 2
Conference Room
Front Desk

Continuous Expansion of the Team

Sabrina Cao is the primary contact person for Inreal in New York. As Head of Business Development US, she is currently concentrating primarily on introducing our technology to national real estate developers and asset managers based on the East Coast. The main focus will be on major cities such as New York, Washington DC and Boston. In the coming months, Sabrina will continue to expand Inreal’s client coverage as well as grow the team in New York.

Great Potential in the US Market

We see great potential for applied virtual reality in the US market. The VR area is very fragmented with a number of startups trying to get a small piece of the pie. Through feedback from our customers, we have quickly learned that real estate companies would only consider implementing new technologies in leasing and marketing if it doesn’t entail a laborious learning process for them. The effort required to learn the correct use of a new software and it various functions flows directly into the cost-benefit analysis. This is an important point for established companies. It’s not just about the price for a particular product or service. Many tech companies still overlook this when they offer their innovations to established companies.

We try to minimize the effort required of our customers and thus lower the barriers to entry. The goal to create efficiency for our clients is shared across different groups at Inreal. Our engineers make the interface easy to use. Our project managers make the onboarding process seamless. Furthermore, we give clients the option to decide whether they would like to use VR glasses or not in their own presentations – We have learned from our clients that human interaction and eye contact are critial in high-stake meetings, especially in the real estate industry. Small details like this could sway the decision making for a conservative industry in which technological innovations tend to be introduced and adopted slowly.