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Pre-Leasing, Sales, Marketing | Project Development

Pre-Leasing, Sales, Marketing

Project Development

Whether office, apartment, hotel or retail – Inreal virtualizes every real estate project for you. The virtual tour of the planned property can be used in many ways. It is both a powerful sales tool and an efficient means of project development.

Pre-Leasing, Sales, Marketing

A virtual tour from Inreal is the ideal sales and leasing tool for your real estate. It allows you to guide your customers through a fully furnished property, even if the project is not finished in real life. It also allows you to be flexible, so you do not have to commit yourself to a particular setup variant. During the interactive virtual tour, you can show your customers completely different layouts and material combinations with just a few clicks. The realistic visualization of your plans will enhance the emotional experience and make real estate marketing much more efficient.

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With the virtual tour, your customers are able to understand your building process better and faster. Even complex room situations can be presented easily to inexperienced participants.

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The free movement in virtual space creates an experience that remains in the memory of every viewer – much better than still images.

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In comparison to a real and expensive model, the virtual show floor provides you with more display variants at lower costs. Additions can be customized at any time.

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Inreal’s state-of-the-art graphics engine provides realistic graphics that will impress your customers.

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The unique customization options allow you to independently configure your own virtual show floor. You remain independent no matter if furniture, materials or colors need to be changed.

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Differentiate yourself from the competition by not only using conventional renderings, but a freely explorable building.

Project Development

Use Inreal’s technology as a project development tool by interacting with your future building before construction begins. Inreal can work with your architects and model your property realistically. We understand any real estate decisions can be costly and time-consuming. That is why we allow you to envision and explore those expensive decisions without committing to them. Furthermore, it is up to you whether you want to present your planned property on a screen, a projector, or through VR glasses to decision-makers and project participants.

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Thanks to the virtual tour, all decision-makers are on the same level in a short time. The advantages of your plans become clear to everyone.

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Inspire your colleagues with your project plans by presenting them in the best possible way. Your colleagues will easily understand the scope and effects, saving you time and effort.

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A virtual tour enables the assessment of room constellations. Different lines of sight can be checked and evaluated in a timely fashion according to aesthetic criteria.

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By avoiding planning errors, you create more security with regard to budget planning for your real estate. Decisions can therefore be made with less risk.

Our Workflow


    Which options should exist? What is the main focus?


    Your 2D or 3D plans, building specifications, and pictures are the basis of the future virtual world.


    Our graphics specialists get to work and put your ideas into practice/bring your ideas to life.


    The last adjustments are made via video conference or personal conversation.


    The finished visualization is transferred to the device of your choice.

  • "The virtual world from Inreal has proven to be an innovative marketing tool for us."

    Clemens Rapp
    Clemens Rapp Fay Projects GmbH
  • "Inreal Technologies has become an important and reliable partner for us in the planning and presentation of our construction projects and new designs."

    Christoph Schubert
    Christoph Schubert Robert Bosch GmbH
  • As a project developer, innovation, speed and adherence to schedules are important. In our projects, Inreal has satisfied us in all of these aspects and a noticeable benefit for our customers was created.

    Jerzy Behnke
    Jerzy Behnke gsp STÄDTEBAU