Interactive Real Estate

The Power of a Time Machine

Imagine walking through a new development complex that expands the entire city block or the 38th floor of a skyscraper with breathtaking views outside the window long before they are built. With Inreal, this dream becomes reality. Our experienced team develops all-in-one virtual reality solutions that let you immerse yourself and your audience into another world – the future.

Inreal Technologies was founded 2011 in Karlsruhe, Germany by a team of passionate engineers from the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology. Since then, we have established ourselves as an innovation leader and a reliable business partner to real estate companies and professionals. Our technology is continuously refined to provide real estate developers and asset managers with sophisticated and customizable virtualization tools.

With only blueprints and design specifications, we are able to convert your visions to virtual reality. Our dedicated team will assist you in creating a personalized toolkit for you to take your audience on a virtually walkable and customizable property tour.

With this unique concept, we have revolutionized real estate designing and marketing by letting customers experience spaces in an unprecedented way. This emotional experience is mainly made possible by our realistic real-time generated graphics. Additionally, thanks to various configuration options during a virtual tour, the planning process is much more efficient and effective, leading to better and smarter decisions.


Enrico Kürtös | CEO

The Management Team


Enrico Kürtös

As CEO, Enrico Kürtös is responsible for Inreal’s global business development as well as customer and partner sales. The aim of his work is the international establishment of Inreal’s products and services in the real estate industry.


Sabrina Cao
Head of Business Development US

Sabrina Cao is primarily responsible for expanding Inreal’s footprint in the US. She has been working in the real estate industry for six years and covers key accounts in both commercial and residential space.


Daniel Kremin
Head of Product

Daniel Kremin represents the link between the software and visual departments. Thanks to his many years of professional experience, he has the necessary know-how to optimally design Inreal’s product range.


Nina Gass
Associate Director

Nina Gass is responsible for the strategic development of the residential division, which focuses on new residential properties. She is the contact person for all real estate developers and project developers in this segment of Europe.


He has been responsible for project implementation with his team since 2012. Over the past 12 years, he has gained extensive project experience in the creation of computer animations in the entertainment and media industries.


Rafael Jenz
Director Software Development

Rafael Jenz has been responsible for product development since 2013 and is therefore responsible for future products and features of Inreal. Thanks to his passion and expertise in Virtual Reality, he also advises major corporations on questions relating to Virtual Reality.


Stefanie Frank
Director Creative & Design

As an interior designer, Stefanie Frank is responsible for the quality and appearance of your virtual space during the project implementation. Thanks to her many years of project experience, our customers benefit from efficient processes and a view beyond national borders.


Stefanie Forst
Assistant to the Managing Director

Stefanie Forst has been coordinating Inreal’s day-to-day operations since 2016. As a vital interface between the individual departments, she is the first point of contact in all operational matters.

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Urban Land Institute and GPTI
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