4 Ways to Present Your Office Building in its Best Light

With so many different technologies coming into the property marketing aspect of commercial real estate, there is no good excuse for not showcasing your property in the best light possible. There are plenty of ways to present potential tenants with the holistic work/life experience. When a tenant chooses to lease a space in a building, they are leasing the space in all of its entirety. Here are just a few ways to help them visualize themselves in the space:

#1. Utilize Video to Market Existing Space

Showcase your properties in the best way by adding videos to your commercial listings. This adds a new dimension to the experience of exploring a property. A video can give a better feel for the dimensions of space, giving the viewer the feeling that they are actually on a property tour. You can host the videos on your own private website such as a blog or you can host the videos on YouTube.This cost-effective tool is great to get potential tenants interested in coming to see the space in person.

#2. Showcase Pre-built Space with Inreal Toolkit

Here, we mean the best “light” literally and figuratively. Inreal has an innovative feature that can show potential tenants a space in different lights using the day-to-night functionality. This can give the tenant the perfect picture of how a property will look both during the day and at night so that they can get an all-encompassing feel for how the property will be at all times.

Inreal can also provide panoramic views of the property along with in-depth virtual tours that can show the layout of the property even if the property has not completed construction. This is an especially useful tool to leverage for pre-selling space for an office property that has not been constructed yet.

#3. Targeted Email Campaigns

One of the easiest ways to market your office building in the best light is to have professional photos or renderings done and to include them in a targeted email campaign to potential investors or tenants. This can be done on a monthly basis or bi-weekly basis if you have a lot of listings. This is a traditional, yet effective way to showcase your building and get people interested. If you have a virtual tour or an online configurator available, you can also link to it within the email campaign to give recipients an even closer look at the space.

#4. Market Your Office Building on Social Media

More and more brokers are seeing the benefits of property marketing via social media, specifically on LinkedIn. As the dubbed “business social media platform,” LinkedIn is a great way to showcase listings to a targeted audience that has no cost and does not take a lot of time to do. You can use a few of Inreal’s features, such as the virtual tour to include in any posts to give your social media marketing a boost. Social media can get a lot of eyes and attention to your office building and can open up a conversation for potential buyers or tenants interested in the property.

Ready to test out Inreal? Get started with a demo today to see how the system can boost the marketing of your office building.